why so need an ngo registration national level

To know more very roughly difference and similarity amid NGO (Non Government Organisation) / NPO (Non Profit Organisation) / Trust / Society / Non Profit Company and appendage registration process you can admittance us. If you longing to know the difference in the middle of Non Profit Company, Society and Trust you can check here and right to use us. If you sore spot to register and recognise State level or National level NGO or International Organisation and throbbing more process of registration and after ngo registration you can discuss gone us.

Whether a trust, organization or section-25 company, the Income Tax Act, 1961 gives all categories equal treatment, in terms of exempting their income and granting 80G certificates, whereby donors to non-get organisations may allegation a rebate neighboring to donations made. Foreign contributions to non-profits are governed by FCRA regulations and the Home Ministry.

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